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Calling Over Comfort initially began in November 2016 as an online blog to document Sabrina's journey through new adulthood and ministry.  Not quite knowing what direction her life was taking, writing the blog was a way for her to unpack all of her feelings and thoughts about the journey.  Fast forward to January 2019, she had lived a lot of life but the blog hadn't really gone anywhere.  After much prayer and processing, she felt the Lord leading her to pursue women's ministry.  Her heart was burdened with the desire to see young women grow deeper in their faith, acquire practical tools to know the Bible better, and understand what a Christ-centered community of women ought to look like. She then began asking her sisters in Christ what they were needing and look for in terms of Christian resources geared toward women in ministry and three (3) concepts were repeatedly mentioned:

1. biblical encouragement that wasn't taken out of context or used as a quick fix to solve momentary problems instead of root issues

2. a way to cultivate community where trust and vulnerability were normal occurrences

3. practical resources that could help them learn how to read and study their Bibles so they could live in accordance to it and grow their affection for Jesus

Thus Calling Over Comfort had a renewed purpose!  Sabrina longed to provide what her friends were needing (or at the very least add to the preexisting resources) in order to live out a life of fruitful ministry.  After a major overhaul of her blog and website, she relaunched Calling Over Comfort and began working on her other website, Women Reformed (to come), in an effort to be the space that her friends were needing so that they could feel confident living out the Great Commission (Matthew 28: 12-20) and Ministry of Reconciliation (see 2 Corinthians 5: 15-21).

Where we are now?  Since then, Sabrina has seen God move in incredible ways and blessed her with the opportunity to lead a women' group as part of her church's College Ministry and she is believing God is doing a new thing in South Carolina through this ministry.  She has watched Holy Spirit grow her group from 5 to 20 women, eyes begin to open, hearts begin to burn with desire for Jesus, deeper understanding of Scripture and how to study it, and so much more.  Because she has enjoyed seeing this happen in her area, she is praying that the same can happen for women all over the world.


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