• Sabrina McIntyre

2 Months Have Gone By - God is (Still) Good

I have been healing and growing. I have been called. I have tasted and seen and heard and responded and I STILL am constantly in awe when I hear Truth. So much has happened (I know I say that every time but it's because I am out here living my life) and there is no way to sum up all of what I have lived through these past few months but let me tell you they have been so so SO good. Why? Because God is just TOO GOOD!!! All the time! There will never be a time where He is not good, there never was a time where He wasn't faithful, and this isn't now a time that He has left my side. Our God is a Father who keeps His promises and I will elaborate on this in just a second.

If you have never watched a sermon by RC Sproul (a magnificent, reformed theologian and pastor) or heard a talk given by Jen Wilkin (of the Village Church, pastored by Matt Chandler) then I highly suggested you watch these 2 videos: Know Your Bible and How to Study Your Bible. I viewed these today and I have never been so wrecked for Scripture in my life. Over the years I have gone from not reading my Bible at all, to going through devotionals that introduced me to Scripture, to learning the necessity of reading Scripture, to knowing that reading the Bible and studying it are two different things. But now I am in a season of life where I have a hunger for the Word and want to know how to study it and become a Biblically literate follower of Christ because it is SO COMMON for followers of Christ, especially in America, to now know what the Bible says or how to study it. Many don't even know/believe that it is the infallible Word of God and cannot be challenged because God has no rival, right? (Hillsong "What a Beautiful Name" worship song reference) So if God has no rival and no equal, then how can we treat His Word with any less reverence?? Now I am not saying I suddenly know everything there is to know about Scripture or that I somehow have this deep understanding of the mysteries of God because I don't and we never will this side of Heaven so if anyone ever says they know all there is to know about Scripture has never truly understood the Bible in the first place. Not because I say so but because Scripture does. Have you ever wondered why I take so much effort to give context to Scripture when I include it in my posts? Because for far too long, the Church (myself included) has taken Scripture out of context to mean what we want it to mean and say what we want it to say. But what if we read Scripture the way it was intended: to understand the meaning the author wanted to present.

We think the Bible is about us and it's not. It's about God and the story of His relationship with His people. The Bible is FOR us but it's not about us yet was somehow written with us in mind and THAT is a beautiful Truth. Because God is beautiful Truth! And I want to know about Him and His character and know all of His personhoods (Father, Son, & Holy Spirit). Because He has already given me a new heart to know Him through the gift of salvation which was bought by Jesus' blood so that I could be saved by grace through faith. It's my mind that needs constant renewal so that it can know Him.

I highly encourage you to watch the videos I have linked in this post (yes they are both very long but SO worth it) and really dive deep into intimacy with God through His Word. Christians: you who profess Jesus is your Lord and Savior, hear Truth and recognize it, repent because your life depends on it, and live out the calling He has placed on our lives. Non-Christian/Non-Believer: hear Truth, repent of your sins, pray in faith that you will be given a new heart because the one you own is dead and does not know Love (Jesus), and be baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Do these things with Christ-centered community and welcome to the Family!

I have no other words but this: God is doing a new thing and I want to be apart of it. He is calling people up and out to live for Him and I have never felt more nervous, excited, and fulfilled in my life.


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