• Sabrina McIntyre

End of the Year Reflection

This is gonna be a short one but please bear with me! I cannot believe we are about to enter into a new year and new decade. I am so looking forward to attending Passion Conference 2020 with my friends from church and I am very expectant for what God has in store for us! I don't want this to be another "as I look back at this year..." post but I do want to brag on the Lord for just a second and all that He has done.

First off, I am mind blown by all that God has done. I started a new job, moved into my very first apartment, had another year with my goofy but cute dob, Daenerys, I've gotten a little closer towards my health goals, He has miraculously healed me from my battle with PMDD (Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder) and so many other incredible things. On a somber but joyful note, my cousin has gone to be with the Lord this year in June and he is worshiping the Lord completely uninhibited, the Lord has shown me how to grieve with hope, the Lord has allowed me to learn how to lean on the body of Christ, and He has affirmed that He is with me no matter what. Yes I have encountered a lot this year and I cannot wait for what 2020 has to offer.

There will also be some excited things happening in the new year! Monthly Women in Ministry posts as well as blog posts about my journey following Jesus, I may be moving this coming year into a home (who knows, hopefully), and maybe even a book being written. I am very thankful and hopeful for this year. I may not know what to expect but I do know that God is faithful and going to bring me through whatever He has for me in this next year.

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