• Sabrina McIntyre

Life Update & The Gospel

Hello friends! I hope this finds you well. This may be one of my shorter posts but I just wanted to share how excited I am that for where Calling Over Comfort is headed and I am praying for growth and interaction for our community. So where am I since my previous post? Well as a follow up, I am thriving in my singleness! I have been watching God grow my small group from 5 women to 10 to 15 to now 20 young women saying they are ready to lay down their lives and pick up their cross to follow Jesus. This is nothing short of a miracle! Why? Because our salvation is a miracle. Don't know the Gospel that lead to our repentance, salvation, and baptism?? Well here it is!

Humanity once dwelled with God in the garden in perfect communion. Then sin entered the picture and humanity fell. Where God is, sin/evil cannot dwell so God cast humanity out but not without providing a way to eternal life: Jesus!! We (humanity) are born into sin with dead hearts that do not know God. But because of His goodness, grace, and mercy, He sent His Son Jesus, the Word made flesh who knew no sin, to live a perfect life (the life we could not live for ourselves) and die a death we deserve on the Cross so that we could be reconciled back to Him and the price of sin could be paid. Jesus rose again on the third day and defeated the power of sin and death forever (wooo!!) and ascended into Heaven so that His Holy Spirit could take His place on earth. Now, because the debt has been paid, if we have eyes to see and ears to hear, we can repent of our sins, receive the gift of salvation & the Holy Spirit by grace through faith, be baptized and live a new life reconciled to God with a beating heart that responds to His Word with affection & obedience and eventually live an eternal life with God. (Refer to the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in the Bible for more in depth details on the life and miracles of Jesus Christ)

Wow if that is not good news, I don't know what is!! So now that I've shared the Gospel, let me share with you how God has been moving recently.

I have been given the chance to serve in the college ministry called Rally through my church and WOW is God doing something incredible in Charleston! On Mondays, about 30 of men and women (ages 18-25) gather together for fellowship, food, fun, and worship. We get to hear Scripture and discus it in smaller groups, hear about how God is moving in other people's small groups, and really have a time to grow in out faith. I personally lead a small group of women and we are the only women's study group in Rally. The Holy Spirit has been freeing us up in order to share the Gospel and make disciples in our workplaces, colleges, and friend groups alike. We have seen baptisms, salvation, surrender, deeper understanding of Scripture and how to study it, and so much more! He has just been so faithful and I cannot wait to share some of their testimonies on here. I am really hoping that their stories encourage you wherever you are ask the Holy Spirit to take you deeper into your faith.

For me personally, He has allowed me to experience the gift of Prophecy (refer to 1 Corinthians 12. 1 Corinthians 14, Romans 12 and others) to encourage others in a way that is edifying to the Church and directs our hearts to the goodness of God, Holy Spirit has been wrecking my heart to submit my plans to God and prayerfully ask in faith for the desires of my heart, and in my one on ones (discipleship meetings) with young women who are pursuing ministry in the context of a church, He has really allowed me to help unpack fears and misbeliefs of God's character so that they are freed up and poured into to serve in the capacity He has called them to serve. I am currently going through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation (beginning to end) and I am constantly in awe of who God is and how He is so relational with us. Seeing Jesus not only as a Savior but as a Holy Bridegroom has given me new eyes to see His affections for me and it has been incredible. I'd love to share a journal entry of mine sometime because y'all JESUS IS REALLY OUT HERE LOVING OUR SOULS WELL AND PERFECTLY and we just don't always recognize His affections for us because they don't come in the form of flowers or a hug or something tangible. But WOW does He love us fiercely and deeply, even to the point of death. The Cross is the GREATEST engagement ring a man has ever given his bride. So with that knowledge, how will you answer? I've answered yes a million times over. And even when my actions answer otherwise, He is committed to loving us well (just read Hosea, haha) and you will begin to see how an imperfect bride is loved by a perfect Groom. But don't stop there, read the whole story and see the repercussions of a jealous Father of the Groom. It's not great or an easy read but I would be so unloving if I were to sit here and say that all is peachy keen and there are no wages of sin for the unrepentant. This, of course, is not meant to cause shame or unhealthy fear, but to hope that you eyes have been opened like mine have. I pray that the offensive and hard to read parts of the Bible prompt questions and a deeper seeking of God. Get into community that has sound doctrine. Ask a Pastor who is considered wise counsel according to Scripture and see for yourself the gift God is offering to His creation.

With that, I'm gonna head out. But not before I say this: you are seen, heard, valued, and desired to be reconciled by the God of Heaven. Though Salvation is not something everyone will receive (Luke 13: 1-9), I pray you are among the Chosen elect who, in His time, will hear the Gospel and respond with an open heart (1 Peter 2: 1-10). Peace, friends!


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