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What If Your Next Step Was a Leap? - Vanessa's Story

January 10, 2019


This is Vanessa!  We attend the same small group and she was recently sharing with me how the Lord was working in her life and what she was feeling called to: worship leading.  As a worship leader myself, I was excited about this and wanted the chance to hear more about it.  This morning, we grabbed some coffee and she told me more about what she was looking forward to in terms of this new step and something I really resonated with was how she faced a lot of uncertainty over this new direction she was going.


"I knew the Lord was calling me into worship leading but I wondered how I was gonna do it because, well, I don't have any experience with it.  I'm not a very musical person so I wasn't sure if it was really something I could do.  But I felt so strongly about it so here I am.  I knew He was calling me to this for a year and never did anything but I figured now was the time to do it.  I don't know how it's gonna work out but He's gonna do something incredible with it."


That's so real, knowing you're being called to something but not quite knowing how it will turn out either because you don't have experience with it yet (uncharted territory) or because you don't think you're qualified to do it.  Let me tell you something y'all, if you would have told me that I would be pursuing a career in writing, I would have laughed in your face.  I wasn't know as a writer growing up, I was the singer.  I had grown so much and gotten so far in my singing career (I was classically trained and have been singing for 15 years now) and never once took a formal writing course in creative writing or otherwise.  Sure I have a B.A. degree from the English Department but that didn't mean anything (to me) in the grand scheme of things compared to people who had spent as long as I did singing with their writing.  I felt so unqualified to do anything in the writing world but I knew I had a passion for it and felt as if I had something to offer the world not just through my voice but my words as well so I took that first step and decided to write a book!  Is it a work of art? No haha!  But it is a leap in the direction that I knew I needed to go.  I just needed to say yes and try.  This is exactly what Vanessa is doing and I couldn't be more excited for her and this new journey she is on!  God doesn't always call the qualified y'all, He qualifies the called and how incredible is it that we have a Father that gives us the opportunities to do things we never thought we would?


It can be very daunting to take not just steps but leaps towards your calling but it is so worth it in the end and you never have to wonder "what if"; you'll know you took active steps in the direction you needed to go and that's incredible fulfilling.

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